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T101D Wireless Ground Control Station Portable tablet UAV controller

Rugged Tablet

T101D Wireless Ground Control Station Portable tablet UAV controller

CPU:Intel@ Corem i7-7500U

Memory: DDR4 16GB

Display: 10.1",1920*1200

Magnesium aluminum alloy structure, Circular Connectorreserved radio space

Support portable rocker, customizable communication protocols。

Protection level: lP65.

Operating temperature:-20°C~+70°C


    Explore the new realm of drone control: T101D ground station controller
    With the rapid development of drone technology, a powerful ground station controller is crucial for pilots. Our T101D ground station controller, with its excellent performance and stability, will be your capable assistant for controlling drones.
    High system configuration: T101D uses a high-performance processor and advanced communication technology to ensure fast and stable connectivity with the drone. Whether it is for complex flight missions or simple aerial photography, it can provide a smooth and reliable control experience.
    Strong stability: We know the importance of drone control, so the T101D has undergone rigorous testing and optimization, with excellent anti-interference capabilities and system stability. Even in complex environments, it can maintain a stable working state, allowing you to focus on flying.
    Multi-function operation: The T101D is equipped with multiple function keys and programmable buttons, allowing you to customize the operating interface. Whether it's adjusting flight parameters, executing preset routes, or controlling various functions of the drone, it can be achieved with a simple touch.
    High-brightness display: The 10.1-inch high-resolution display uses special anti-glare technology to clearly display information even in strong sunlight. Whether viewing a map, monitoring the status of a drone in real time, or analyzing flight data, it provides you with clear and accurate visual support.
    Long battery life: The built-in high-capacity battery ensures that the T101D can work continuously for at least 3 hours without external power supply. Whether it's for short-distance flights or long-distance expeditions, it can meet your needs, so you don't have to worry about power issues.
    Durable: The T101D uses a magnesium-aluminum alloy structure, which features lightweight and high strength. At the same time, we have also implemented a strengthened anti-vibration design to ensure stable operation in various environments.
    Protection level: T101D reaches the IP65 protection level, which can resist dust and water splashes. Even in harsh weather conditions, it can work normally and provide you with stable control support.
    Wide applicability: T101D supports wide voltage input and wide temperature operating range, and can adapt to the needs of different regions and environments. No matter where you use it, it can provide you with stable power supply and a good working environment.
    Choosing T101D is to choose a professional, stable and efficient drone control experience. Whether it is a professional drone pilot or an amateur, it can meet your needs and help you explore a broader sky. Buy T101D now and start a new chapter of your drone control!


    System CPU Intel® Core™i7-7500U Optional:I7-8550U/I7-6600U/ I5-8250U/I5-7200/I5-6200U
    Core/Frequency Dual core and four threads 2.7GHz
    Memory 16GB DDR4(MAX:32GB)
    Storage M.2 512GB SSD(Optional dual hard disk and one-click destruction function)
    Display 10.1",1920*1200 Resolution,900cd/m2 Brightness
    Touch screen Capacitive touch screen
    Power Supply 19~24VDC
    Battery 8000mAh
    External interface navigation 1*DCIN、1*Lan(10/ 100/ 1000 Mbps) 2*USB2.0(Same navigation port)、1*RS232/485/422)
    Shortcut actions Directional rocker *2, Trigger button *2,Thumb push lever *1, Shortcut key *26
    Physical Dimension 340*230*41 mm
    Protection Level IP65
    Weight =3KGS
    0S OS supports Support Windows7/10/Linux
    Environment Working temperature -20℃~+70℃
    Storage temperature -30℃~+80℃
    Working humidity 5%~90% Non-condensing

    Dimension &I/O Port


    Packing List



    Power Cord


    Power Adaptor




    Driver Disk