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What's special about a laptop with three defense reinforcement


What's special about a laptop with three defense reinforcement


Notebook reinforcement technology, we should know that notebook reinforcement is designed to adapt to various harsh environments, mainly for professionals in field exploration, on-site services, and transportation. So, do you know what's special about the three defense laptop? Today, let univitech editor take you to understand:

Reinforced laptop

(14 inch lightweight industrial semi reinforced laptop L141)

Deye's three proof laptop has passed a certain height of drop test and waterproof protection level through good reinforcement treatment. Let's take a look at what's special about the three prevention laptop.

Strong endurance

In many harsh environments, batteries become the source of power for laptops, and the three prevention laptops have large capacity batteries. In addition, some companies also have two battery compartments for their three prevention laptops, so their battery life is strong.

Strong keyboard sealing

The keyboard of a regular computer is not in a sealed state, so it is easy to get water and dust, which can cause damage to the computer. However, the three prevention laptop uses a rubber touch keyboard, which has good sealing performance and can prevent liquids and dust from entering the interior of the keyboard, thus playing a good role in dust prevention and waterproofing. At the same time, the keyboard of the three prevention laptop is also designed with a backlight, so that it can be used without obstacles even in poor outdoor lighting environments.

High and low temperature resistance

For applications that require field exploration, low temperatures are a major obstacle to the normal use of laptops, as starting and using ordinary laptops in severe cold environments can pose certain risks to hard drives and data. However, the three prevention laptops of univitech, Shenji, and other enterprises can isolate storage inside the heating layer, so even when starting the computer in a harsh cold environment, there will be no danger.

There are also domestically developed three defense laptops with different sizes (11.6 inches to 15.6 inches) and systems (Win XP/Win7/Win10/Galaxy Kirin system). univitech's three prevention laptop has passed various harsh environmental tests and IP protection standards (anti impact and drop, waterproof, dustproof, salt spray, high and low temperature resistance). 90% of the models can add or remove machine peripheral interfaces, and any machine configuration needs to be determined.